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Friday, 30 September 2016

English -- Mike Quinsey -- Message through my Higher Self -- 30th September 2016

30th September 2016. Mike Quinsey.

Each day events move a stage closer to being announced, and when the situation is positive and the higher Ones are satisfied it is safe to do so they will go ahead without delay. The excitement is growing in the higher dimensions as you are approaching a momentous time that has been long awaited, and it is certain that a great step forward will soon be taken that has the potential to occur in just days. However, do not be disappointed if nothing happens as intimated, as any delay will have been for a very good reason. Regardless of delays the fact remains that nothing will have changed and those changes you expected will still manifest. There is a time and a place for every thing, and it is in your interests that the most essential decisions are taken by those who have an overall view and understanding of what is taking place on Earth.

The magnitude of what is happening is beyond your complete understanding, but know that you are privileged to be the Ones who are directly experiencing such a wonderful time. Indeed you are those who have been chosen to ascend in your physical bodies, and it will be a unique event. Realise that at a certain level the “old” Earth body will change to one that is of a much higher vibration. A pleasant surprise will be that you cannot in fact carry forward anything less than the perfected version of your body, free of all the blemishes and defects associated with the old Earthly vibrations. However, do not expect too much too soon, and all will come in good time for your Ascension. Enjoy your vision of the new Earth free of all restraints and opposition from those who only serve Self. Stay centered and positive and do not be misled by what is happening around you. You can stand in the midst of all the troubles as a shining Light that will lift others up.

The Illuminati are creating their own downfall, but will never stop trying to achieve their ambition of ruling the world. They would stop at nothing to do so and like a wounded animal are at their most dangerous when their position is threatened. Rest assured that whatever they do will be to no avail, as their days are numbered and defeat is staring them in the face. It is no wonder that so much is happening at once, but out of the chaos will come the most encouraging signs that will clearly signal the manifestation of a New Age. You of the Light are on your way up and soon will reach the point of change where you leave the old energies behind for good, and enjoy the fruits of your progress.

When you ascend you will not need any of your “belongings” as everything you are likely to need already exists in the higher dimensions. Also you will have the power to create according to your needs, as the power of thought will enable you to have exactly what you desire. Mind sets will change and since you can “think” your needs into existence there will be no need to accumulate wealth. Money will already have been dispensed with as it will be no longer needed. Many other welcome changes will take place as the New Age is fully implemented.

Each of you were chosen to be present at such an important time, as all have something to offer that will help manifest  the new energies. You are old souls who have had so many incarnations and have progressed so well that you are potentially ready to ascend. You have learnt all that the lower vibrations have to offer having been well tested in the fires of duality, and able to overcome the many challenges you have encountered. You are due your reward by leaving the lower vibrations behind and entering the bliss and joy of the higher vibrations.

Just imagine how exciting it will be to meet other Races who have been waiting such an opportunity to meet you, having been previously directed not to interfere with your evolution. There are others who are simply interested in making friends and sharing their advanced knowledge with you. There are also those who have followed your development and realise that you are soon to rise up with Mother Earth. Those of the lower vibrations will also move on and continue their evolution as before. The future will be full of surprises, and meeting old friends who are close to you who can hardly wait to see you again. Life for you may be difficult just now, but do not be disheartened as for those who read these messages it is almost a certainty that you are well on the path to Ascension.

The truth about all matters awaits you and will be given at the appropriate time. Much of your history as you understand it is far from the truth and intentionally confused by those who desired to control you. However, as the vibrations lift up it is getting harder for them to hide their motives, and the truth behind their actions is becoming more apparent. You are great Beings who are held back in many respects and it means that your lives have been deprived of advances that would have greatly lifted your quality of life. However, do not despair as all things will come to you in the very near future. Behind many of the experiences you have had are Beings who direct events on Earth. Although the negative Ones are also carrying out their life plan, the result is that all along the path you are travelling they keep presenting you with challenges that aid your evolution. It is sometimes fast and furious but if you can see yourselves through it, you will evolve much faster. Whatever happens it is all part of Gods Plan to lead you back to the Godhead.

There is so much money waiting to be distributed there will come a time when no one will need to live in poverty. It will be backed by precious metals and maintain its value. However, as you continue to rise up it will eventually become unnecessary and will not in any way adversely affect your quality of life. Live Love and Love Life, and it will be a splendid experience unlike any you have had previously. The first priority is to cover the needs of those who live in inhuman conditions due to prolonged wars and conflicts, and naturally the source of their troubles will be first addressed.

As you look back and around you it will be obvious that the changes have speeded up, and out of them is coming a more acceptable way of life. It will cause divisions between those who welcome change, and those who are steeped in the past and cannot let go. But the changes cannot be held back as the New Age is well under way, and soon you will see evidence of it. What you have been waiting for is in sight and announcements to that effect will soon be made. Great times are ahead and you will find that the wait has been well worthwhile.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Friday, 23 September 2016

English -- Mike Quinsey -- Message through my Higher Self -- 23th September 2016

23rd September 2016. Mike Quinsey.

All over the world there are confrontations and battles as the dark Forces try to stem the losses they are experiencing. It will be to no avail as their power is becoming fragmented and they are losing control of the outcome of events. Their days are numbered as their leaders are no longer able to command their supporters to achieve the outcome they planned. The end of their power and influence is in sight and there is nothing they can do to change the outcome. Viewing it from the outside you would not know the true facts as so much is happening at the same time. However, those working for the end of hostilities and world peace, are placed where they can influence what is taking place and more importantly the outcome.

There is quite a way to go before it will become obvious that major changes are on the way but once they start matters will quickly change.  All that you have been promised will become manifested in relatively quick time, as the preparations have already been made. The consolation of having to wait so long for action will be that many more souls will have awakened to the truth. The Light quotient has risen and a considerable increase in vibrations has taken place. You are unassailable and nothing will change the result that will see those of the Light ascend. Finally you will commence the journey that takes you back from whence you came and you have always known it subconsciously, as you knew the outcome when you chose to drop down into the lower dimensions to experience separation.

Once you have returned to the higher levels you will have a glorious life before you. As a Galactic Being you will be free to choose your next experience, but with a view to continue your ongoing evolution. At all stages there is always help to enable you to decide which are your best options but the final choice is up to you. By gaining more experience in the lower dimensions you have grown as a soul, and will be all the greater for it. In fact, your rate of development has been more rapid than if you had remained in the higher vibrations.

Stay focused within your own energy and you will be able to enjoy the changes that are immediately ahead of you. The transformation of your society and your lives will be miraculous, mainly because it will change in whatever ways are necessary to lift you up. In normal events such changes would take a long time to manifest, but most of the hard work has already taken place. Much awaits you that remains just out of your sight, such as the Cities of Light that will surprise you as to their magnificence. As you have already been told, the first one is so near to manifesting and will be followed by many more.

Nothing takes place without having a specific purpose, so when events happen to an individual or groups of souls it should be possible to understand the reason. That way the experience will have value and if it is for clearing karma, you should be able to understand the purpose. Everything that occurs is of importance in some way even if it is not apparent to you. A lesson learnt through actual experience is bound to have an impact upon you, and almost certainly will not be forgotten. So when you have a necessary experience, try to understand the reasons behind it. That way you will only have to go through the lesson once. Where evolution is concerned life would be pointless if it did not give you opportunities to evolve.

When you are on the verge of learning so much about your own evolution, it is important that you take note of your experiences. A lesson learnt will not necessarily be presented to you again so make sure that when you are being tested that you take the challenge seriously. If you do not, it will almost certainly come round again. You are not tested beyond your capabilities so you should expect to come out victorious. You may have friends or relations who do not seem to have any major challenges in their lives, but understand that in part you choose how quickly you progress. As we are in the end times it is only natural that those souls who are near to completion, will want to try and clear any remaining karma that they have to enable them to ascend now.

The Universe is full of life, and that which exists in the higher dimensions cannot be seen by you. However in the event that such life forms wish to be seen, they will lower their vibrations and have done so for the purpose of visiting your Earth. More advanced souls will also take on a physical body if there is a need for them to carry out some work on the Earth. The dimensions merge in places and when this occurs you may see “visions” of the higher Ones, and such sightings are sometimes known as mirages. Also the “unseen” are sharing the same space as you are, but sometimes people will briefly see them before they disappear again.

Many people are going through a challenging time, trying to live their lives in the best way possible and avoid getting caught up in negative problems. Those that are achieving it do so by concentrating on all that is positive, and living in an energy of love for all people. It is difficult when you are confronted by hostile people or situations, but as long as you can stay centred within your own energy you will get by. Each time you are successful you strengthen your own position, and grow to a point where you are above re-acting to the negativity around you. It may sound hard but be assured that it is a state of mind that you can achieve, and you become unaffected by being Love in Action.

You will find that people will feel relaxed and uplifted by your higher energies, and will wonder how you have achieved it. Your whole manner and way of life will attract others who may come to you for advice, and wish to learn your secret. There is no reason why you should not tell them, and give them encouragement to follow your example. Showing Universal Love in all situations is what they will be trying to reach, and that is easier said than done but it has to start somewhere at some time. Every soul at some stage will face such a challenge and if they are committed to success, there is no reason why they should not achieve it.

Do your best even if you fail at times as it is better to have tried than not at all. All experience is advancing you regardless of whether you feel that you are progressing. You also have your faithful Guides on hand who accompany and encourage you to keep going. They know that your efforts will be rewarded in due course and that you will succeed, so stay positive and confident in your abilities.

This message comes through my Higher Self.I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Friday, 16 September 2016

English -- Mike Quinsey -- Message through my Higher Self -- 16th September 2016

Mike Quinsey
–16.September 2016 –

Es scheint jetzt so weit zu sein, dass die Dinge in Bezug auf die „Neu-Einstufung der Währungen“ („Revaluation“) den Punkt erreicht haben, an dem alle daran beteiligten G20-Länder bereit sind, den entscheidenden nächsten Schritt zu tun. Das ist nun eine Frage an die Verantwortlichen, den Wechsel zu arrangieren, damit er in koordinierter Weise durchgeführt wird. Das wird dann der erste historische Schritt in Richtung Schaffung des Friedens auf der Erde sein. Allerdings ist noch ein ziemlicher Weg zu gehen, bevor der totale Frieden deklariert werden kann, und jedes Land wird wissen: wenn erst einmal der Vertrag für eine friedliche Koexistenz unterzeichnet ist und es dann vertragsbrüchig wird, geschieht dies mit dem Risiko, von der Erde verbannt zu werden. Freut euch also, dass das lange Warten nun so gut wie vorbei ist und dass euch – und denen, die dem Folge leisten –, eine friedliche Zukunft garantiert sein wird.

Ihr mögt euch fragen, wie denn die Dunkelkräfte von weiteren Aktivitäten abgehalten werden können; seid versichert, dass diese Unruhestifter vom Planeten entfernt werden und dahin gebracht werden, wo sie sich nicht länger störend in den Wandel auf der Erde einmischen können. Es ist sogar möglich, dass viele der finsteren Lakaien sich ergeben und keine Gefahr mehr für die Bevölkerung bedeuten. Da die Erde aufsteigt, wird sie kein Ort mehr für irgendwelche finster orientierten Seelen oder deren negative Aktionen sein. Sehr bald können all jene bisher aufgeschobenen Projekte, die bei der Frequenz-Erhöhung der Erde mithelfen sollen, gestartet werden und damit den willkommenen Wandel einläuten, der euch mit voller Kraft ins Neue Zeithalter bewegen wird.

Viele spekulieren darüber, was aus dem Rennen um das Amt im Weißen Haus wird, wo jetzt sogar Zweifel an der Gesundheit von Hillary Clinton laut werden. Donald Trump scheint nicht wirklich begierig zu sein, Präsident zu werden, und Bernie Sanders steht noch wartend in den Startlöchern. So ist die Situation nun ganz plötzlich ungewiss geworden, da Trump und Clinton, die kürzlich eine Woge an Unterstützung erlebte, sich einander annähern. Natürlich dürften die Illuminati äußerst beunruhigt sein angesichts dessen, wie sich die Geschehnisse nun gegen sie gewendet haben. Seid versichert: was auch immer geschieht – das LICHT wird siegreich daraus hervorgehen und nichts wird seinen weiteren Marsch in Richtung Sieg verhindern können.

Es besteht kein Zweifel: je mehr die Schwingungen sich erhöhen, desto mehr Menschen wachen auf hinsichtlich dessen, was da vor sich geht – mit dem Resultat, dass sie anfangen, Fragen zu stellen und nicht mehr wie früher einfach akzeptieren, was ihnen erzählt wird. So ist zum Beispiel das Thema „9/11“ immer noch nicht vom Tisch, und immer mehr Beweise tauchen auf, dass jenes Ereignis damals eine von der Bush-Familie gezielt geplante Demolierung war. Es war ja schon immer zu erwarten, dass am Ende des alten Zyklus' Vieles enthüllt werden wird, was die Wahrheit zum Vorschein bringen wird. Noch lange wurde darüber spekuliert, wer denn nun hinter dem Geschehen „9/11“ stand; doch inzwischen sind die Beweise unleugbar, und die dafür Verantwortlichen werden der Gerechtigkeit überstellt werden. Niemand kann dem entkommen, dass er mit der Wahrheit konfrontiert wird.

Wenn ihr auf euer Leben zurückblickt, möchtet ihr nicht auf bestimmte Dinge „festgenagelt“ werden; aber wenn ihr Fehler gemacht habt, müssen diese auch eingestanden werden. Sodann könnt ihr eure weitere Zukunft mit euren Geistführern diskutieren im Hinblick darauf, anhand künftiger Erlebnisse eure Fehler wiedergutzumachen. Da ihr euch jetzt aber am Ende eines Zyklus' befindet, kann es sein, dass eure „Fehler“ – abhängig von deren „Schwere“ – kein weiteres Karma nach sich ziehen, sondern dass das Gesetz der Gnade wirksam wird. Wie bereits erwähnt, geht es bei einem Lebens-Rückblick nicht um „Strafe“ für Fehler, sondern darum, dass – per Übereinkunft – durch künftige Erfahrungen solche Fehler überwunden werden.

Bedenkt, dass jede Erfahrung ihren Wert hat, und wenn euer Weg euch über eine längere Strecke führt, bis ihr aufsteigen könnt, macht das kaum einen – oder gar keinen – Unterschied. Ihr habt alle Unendlichkeit zur Verfügung, zum Erfolg zu gelangen, und niemand wird Druck auf euch ausüben, schnellere Fortschritte machen zu sollen, sondern euch gewiss jede Hilfe zuteilwerden lassen. Auch eure Geistführer haben einst solche Herausforderungen erlebt und bringen daher genügend Erfahrung mit, um euch beistehen zu können. Ruft sie jederzeit, wenn ihr Hilfe braucht; sie werden erfreut sein, euch zu Diensten sein zu können.

Es gibt zwei Haupt-Wege, die die Menschen weiterbringen. Der eine ist auf die niederen Schwingungs-Ebenen begrenzt und versucht, sich einen Pfad durch das Getümmel und die Probleme der dritten Dimension zu bahnen. Der andere Weg strebt recht frühzeitig die höheren Schwingungs-Ebenen an mithilfe der Kraft des LICHTS, die währenddessen immer stärker wird. Diese beiden Wege können nicht gegeneinander opponieren, denn letztlich wird das LICHT bleiben und den Erfolg davontragen. Es drängt bereits kräftig voran, da immer mehr Seelen erwachen und fähig werden, die Scharade zu durchschauen, die da um sie herum vor sich geht. Die Wahrheit liegt in euch, und alle diejenigen, die intuitiv die positiven Energien von der negativen Schlacke trennen können, werden selbstverständlich Fortschritte machen. Ihr werdet fähig sein, jene Seelen zu identifizieren, denen ihr vertrauen könnt und deren Vorgaben ihr folgen könnt, wenn ihr euren weiteren Weg festlegt.

Es wird euch jegliche Ermutigung zuteilwerden, euren wahren Weg zu finden. Und sobald ihr diesen gefunden habt, dürftet ihr rasche Fortschritte machen können bei eurer Vorbereitung eures Aufstiegs. Wie immer wird euch auch bei der Überwindung jeglicher Probleme geholfen, denen ihr begegnet. Wenn sich etwas richtig anfühlt, könnt ihr sicher sein, dass es auch so ist. Identifiziert euch mit jenen Seelen, die durch ihr Handeln zeigen, dass sie von der LICHT-Seite sind – und folgt ihrem Rat oder ihren Hinweisen, wenn ihr Hilfe benötigt. Es werden in dieser jetzigen Zeit viele Seelen dazu eingesetzt, LICHT und LIEBE zu verbreiten. Anhand eurer Erfahrungen dürftet ihr in der Lage sein, diejenigen zu identifizieren, die die Lehrer für das Neue Zeitalter sind.

Die zahlreichen Veränderungen, die nur darauf warten, bekannt gemacht zu werden, werden nun bald in euer Leben treten, und dann wird nicht zugelassen werden, dass sich noch jemand störend einmischt. Die 'Gussform' steht bereit, und auch alles Übrige steht für die weiteren Schritte bereit, auch wenn hier und da vielleicht noch kleine Anpassungen notwendig sein werden. Was zurzeit vor sich geht, ist die Tatsache, dass ihr euch jetzt in der Periode befindet, die bereits als „Auslese (Ernte) der Seelen“ bezeichnet wurde – hinsichtlich eures Aufstiegs in die höheren Schwingungs-Ebenen. Ihr habt bereits eine weite Reise hinter euch und viele Lebenszeiten durchlebt, um nun aus eurem langen Schlaf der „Finsteren Nacht der Seele“ zu erwachen. So, wie ihr heute dasteht, habt ihr euch selbst aufwärts-geschwungen und seid nun in der Lage, zu unterscheiden, was zur LICHT-Seite gehört und was noch in Finsternis verweilt. 

Eure Medien befinden sich immer noch weitgehend unter der Kontroll-Herrschaft jener, die die Dunkelkräfte unterstützen. Dennoch sind Veränderungen in der Planung, sodass bald eine wahrheitsgetreue und verlässliche Nachrichtenversorgung verfügbar sein wird. Vorausgesetzt, ihr seid scharfsichtig genug, ist das Internet zurzeit die beste Nachrichten-Quelle, denn es versorgt euch mit verlässlichen Aktualisierungen über all das, was in eurer Welt vor sich geht. Zurzeit tendiert ihr nach Westen zu blicken für eure Informationen, denn dort befindet sich gegenwärtig eure beste Quelle. Doch sobald die Wahrheit enthüllt ist, werdet ihr euch weltweit orientieren können, und dann werden schließlich alle Seelen 'im Bilde' sein.

Es ist äußerst wichtig, dass alle diejenigen unter euch, die ihren künftigen Weg gefunden haben, sich auf alles Positive konzentrieren! Dadurch gebt ihr jenen Energien Macht, die den Wandel Wirklichkeit werden lassen, und es kann nicht oft genug betont werden, dass das, worauf ihr euren Fokus richtet, eure Energie übernimmt, – sogar dann, wenn dies zunächst noch gar nicht eure Absicht gewesen war. Das LICHT hat den Sieg davongetragen; dennoch solltet ihr nicht nachlassen, eure positive Haltungbeizubehalten! Es gibt viel zu tun, und sehr bald werden Viele unter euch aufgerufen sein, eine wichtige Stellung hinsichtlich des Wandels zu beziehen. 

Ich hinterlasse euch nun wieder meinen Segen. Möge das LICHT eure Tage und euren Weg in die Vollendung erhellen! Diese Botschaft kommt durch mein Höheres Selbst.

In LIEBE und LICHT, Mike Quinsey

Übersetzung: Martin Gadow – 

Friday, 9 September 2016

English -- Mike Quinsey -- Message through my Higher Self -- 9th September 2016

9th September 2016. Mike Quinsey.

Time marches on and much progress continues to be made in the commencement of changes that you have long awaited. From your perspective you experience what appear to be a series of delays, whereas they are necessary steps that ensure once they are taken nothing is able to prevent the intended outcome. Be assured that much work goes on behind the scenes and the “go ahead” will be given when all is in place as necessary. Greater powers than those on Earth oversee all actions, so you can be certain that the ultimate aim is for a complete victory for the Light. It is therefore most important that you always keep focussed upon the desired changes that are soon to commence. Planning for this period has been taking place for a very long time, and nothing will be allowed to delay the outcome any further. Lightworkers are to be highly commended for their undying support and positive faith in the future.

As the vibrations continue to increase so their effect is the upliftment of those who can respond. As a result it is becoming somewhat easier to speed up the changes that are ready to be implemented. They will ultimately alter your view of life allowing for more individual time to fully follow your own life plan. The truth will be your strength and as time elapses you learn of your true history, and know the direction that you should be heading in. Much time has been lost pursuing false goals yet the experiences will strengthen your dedication to keep on the right path. Many wonder how the impending changes can be introduced without causing confusion. The answer is that planning for this time has been meticulously carried out, and subject to changes if new conditions present themselves. Backing up the plan are immense numbers of advanced Beings who will reveal themselves when the circumstances are right. They have followed your progress for eons of time and are now ready to help you over the last few hurdles. Victory is yours and it will not be denied you.

But for the presence of the Galactic Beings, you would now have been living under very restricted conditions, and imprisoned and controlled by the dark Ones. However, they were never going to be allowed to exercise such control over you, as you future had been planned to end with complete success and the opportunity to ascend. This is normal at the end of a cycle providing the Light has reached the required level. It means that Ascension is assured for those who aspire to rise up, and have been able to do so above the challenges that have been given them. It means being able to express yourselves with Universal Love, thereby accepting that you are All One. It is not easy to accept all others when you are experiencing duality, as it focusses upon separation and highlights the differences between people. Most of the time people see themselves as different from each other, making it difficult to come together in true love and understanding.

Lightworkers help others by example and that means any soul that realises that All Are One. By treating others as your equal you are showing compassion and understanding and it will help up lift up those around you. Even the smallest act of love affects others and eventually they will follow example. You do not necessarily need to belong to practising groups to show your love for other beings, as it is not beholden to any one of them. God is Love and All That Is. Your natural inclination is to be a loving Being, but your experiences in duality have taught you that not all are equal and that some should be shunned and looked down upon. However, as you grow through experience you begin to understand the truth and able to accept all souls regardless of their outward appearance or beliefs.

Amongst you are many young children who have come to lead the way out of the confusion created by your education system. It cramps the style and growth of those who would otherwise help show the way to a full understanding of your true selves. At some point soon the truth must be addressed and inaccurate information dispensed with. Real growth will not occur all of the time you are trying to progress based on some information intentionally meant to hold you back. The truth will eventually be all that remains as all false information is discarded, and the time approaches when even your history will need to be rewritten so as to reflect the truth of journey through duality. Throughout this cycle you have struggled to find your true selves, and it is necessary to understand how it came about. You will then be able to evolve much more quickly and the truth established for once and for all.

War and all manner of things associated with it cannot go forward into the New Age, thus allowing permanent peace to be firmly established. Already you are approaching such a point in time and you will find a general movement to establish a new society. One free from prejudice or false teachings and based on Love and Light. It therefore follows that those Beings who refuse to give up their old ways, will continue as before but moved to a different location to continue their experiences. In time they will again be given another opportunity to change their ways and return to the Light.

People will naturally be concerned about the fate of other family members or friends, but as long as they are aware that all souls are given the same opportunities to evolve, and helped to keep to their Path of Light there will be no need to be concerned. At this time it is most important that you focus on your own needs. You will intuitively know if you are becoming more evolved as you find it becomes easier to remain within the Light, and stay calm when others are disturbed. In such circumstances your presence can help influence others to also remain calm, and if you are in a group of people with like minds the power is greatly increased.

Your powers are in fact increasing all of the time and will become more noticeable where your thoughts are concerned. For example it may become apparent where self-healing is concerned and even distant healing. Remember that when you send out healing thoughts they do reach their intended target, but some souls put up a barrier against them. In general Unconditional Love is the power behind healing and without it the affect is minimized.

Much is happening on Earth that will soon lead to the long awaited announcements. For "re-val" all is at the stage when a final check can be made to ensure that the necessary documentation is in place. So it is not envisaged that you will have much longer to wait. You may be certain that once the changes are underway nothing will be allowed to interfere with the outcome. The stage has been set and all those taking part are ready to go ahead at short notice.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey




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Mike Quinsey

Hi Friends,

I have received so many Emails and good wishes since I returned to channeling SaLuSa. In fact there were so many that I cannot reply to everyone individually. However I do wish to thank everyone who Emailed me, as it was very uplifting to know that so many of you were uplifted by the return of SaLuSa.

I am looking forward to really get going after Christmas. The New Year looms near and it promises to be the one where the truth comes out to finally rid us of the dark Ones. Peace and happiness is getting closer by the day.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.


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Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

22 January 2014. Battles on streets of Kiev.

I came to Kiev. I came to see for myself what is happening here. Of course, an hour after arriving at Maidan, you begin to understand that everything what you've read in dozens of articles, saw in TV news reports is total crap. In the upcoming reports I will try to, as objectively as possible, to sort out this new wave of Kiev revolution.

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How to REALLY Save U.S. Army Recruiters From Preventable Suicides

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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure


At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013

At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013


"If the Congress won't do its job, the people will."

Stephen Bassett

May 9, 2013


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee Seeks UN World Conference on Possible Extraterrestrial Presence

Washington, DC – On May 3, 2013 members of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee and Hearing witnesses representing ten UN member nations met at the National Press Club to draft a statement seeking United Nations review of evidence of a possible extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The result is the following communiqué:

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Washington Communiqué
May 3, 2013

From April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, political leaders, and former members of military services and government agencies representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress. After hearing this testimony these members issue the following statement:

Whereas: given the unfolding scientific understanding of the number of potentially life supporting planets within Earth’s home galaxy, it would be the height of arrogance to assert that humans are the only sentient beings within that galaxy;

Whereas: given that credible witnesses have brought forth overwhelming scientific evidence documenting the current presence of unidentified and unexplained aerial craft that many believe to reflect an extraterrestrial intelligence;

And Whereas: given the enormous global implications if these craft are, indeed, of extraterrestrial origin, such an issue is a matter for the General Assembly of the United Nations;

Therefore, we the undersigned request the Citizen Hearing Foundation use its offices to organize interested parties and raise the funds necessary to pursue a global campaign to convince one or more nations to propose a resolution within the General Assembly calling for United Nations sponsorship of a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.

We the undersigned pledge our support for this effort.

Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick
Senator Mike Gravel
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Congressman Merrill Cook

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley
[Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.]

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett
[Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.]


The Citizen Hearing Foundation is a pending 501(c)3 non-profit, which will launch its website later this month and immediately begin raising funds to pursue nation sponsors for a resolution to the UN General Assembly.

CHD Website:

CHD Contact: Stephen Bassett

(202) 215 8344


Here we are once again ...

Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

Anyone from any nation will be able to sign this petition:

We will win by our persistance!

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