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Thursday, 24 March 2011

How to Minimize Our Fears and Maximize our Ease Around This Time of Chaos – Part 1/2

How to Minimize Our Fears and Maximize our Ease Around This Time of Chaos – Part 1/2

2011 March 24
by Steve Beckow
In the past two weeks, since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, SaLuSa has given us a remarkable series of messages that has reaffirmed the basis of recent events and how we might orient towards them so as to minimize our fears and maximize our ease. I’d like to review those messages and extract his views and recommendations from them.

SaLuSa tells us that a revolution is taking place that is carrying us forward to Ascension as individuals, as a society, and as a planet.

“Dear Ones, there is a revolution taking place in your world, and consciousness levels are rising and pointing you in the right direction. It is the final battle of this cycle, and you have taken the opportunity to reach the stage whereby you can leave the cycle of duality forever.

“When you have learnt the lessons it has to offer, the experience gained elevates your consciousness to a higher level. When it is reached the lower vibrations become uncomfortable and no longer serve you any purpose. In such circumstances you are ready to leave duality, for a new level that is more in line with your own and your needs.” (1)

Though we create our own future, SaLuSa tells us, “the fact remains that the final act will be Ascension.” (2) He assures us that “those of you that desire to ascend will do so.” (3)
How does this period in our history differ from previous ends of cycle? It does in the assurance we have this time that we will ascend if we want to, whereas, for instance, last time in Atlantis, a successful outcome was not assured. In fact, this time Ascension is to be a universal phenomenon.

“Unlike previous times when such opportunities have arisen, you are assured that Ascension will take place. In fact it has been carefully planned on a Universal scale, and is to be an enormous event that happens very rarely.

“For you it has been a long time coming, but you have been spared a conscious memory of previous occasions.” (4)

SaluSa reminds us that the energies being beamed to Earth are what are causing changes at every level on the planet – the planetary, the individual, and the social.

“The dynamics of the energies playing upon Earth are setting up the grid that will bring the new Earth into being. At the same time they will uplift you also, and both will be ready for the final action leading to Ascension. It calls for more time being allocated to your personal development, so that you may take the opportunity to raise your vibrations.” (5)
He recommends that we keep our attention focussed on the events of our future and be not afraid.
“Keep looking ahead, and do not let the changes put you in fear of the future. All that is happening now is going to be short lived, and out of it you will see the purpose that will set you firmly upon the path to Ascension.” (6)

Let’s now look at the events at each of these three levels.

The Planetary Level

The first level is the relief of physical stresses on the planet by the release or clearing away of negativity so that Gaia can ascend.

“In general what you are seeing all around the world is the final cleansing that must take place very soon, and you will see the objective in what is happening. “ (7)

“The changes … become more evident, and instead of fearing the outcome people need to be aware that it is the necessary cleansing before Ascension can take place.” (8)

He asks us to appreciate the necessity for these changes and not to allow them to overwhelm us.

“Try not to be overwhelmed by the disasters that are happening, and know that there will be a positive outcome that will lift you up to a higher level. Much of what has happened was foreseen, but as it relates to karma – sometimes on a group level, it must be allowed to work through. From our point of view all will proceed as planned, and the Universe will finally ascend.” (9)

He reassures us that these changes will not result in planetary destruction. He says that predictions of the end of the world are not applicable.
“Again we must mention the fear aspect that arises in such times as you are experiencing. We ask you to remain calm and know that it is not true that the end of the world is taking place. In no circumstances will it be destroyed or even seriously impacted by natural or man-made circumstances. Matters of that nature are within our control, and we are here to ensure that the cycle is completed as divinely decreed. Often what is referred to as support for outlandish predictions are old writings that were made in a totally different era to what you are in now. In other words most are no longer relevant to the time you are in now.

“Since the Millennium you have moved onto another path, that in spite of the current or recent calamities, is one that is less volatile. We would add that as always we are very active in ways not apparent to you, and we do whatever is allowed to ensure matters do not get out of hand. Karma is a factor that we cannot interfere with, but we can respond to your calls for help that are received by us in Love and Light.” (10)

There is no need for masses of people to die in these Earth changes.

“There is no necessity for great catastrophes or disasters, or masses of people dying as a result of them simply to reach that point in time. The only link between the two is the need to cleanse the Earth so that she is ready to ascend with you. So the remaining months will be filled with all manner of different happenings, which will gradually become more acceptable and beneficial to everyone.

“By then we will certainly have been officially accepted as visitors to your planet. In actuality we already have your acceptance, and the numbers of people turning to us are increasing each day.” (11)

At all times, the galactics will play their role.

“We monitor all major events on Earth, and as far as we are allowed are always looking for ways of lessening the impact upon you. … We cannot help you unless you are prepared to help yourselves, as we must only re-act to requests from you rather than be seen to ‘interfere.’ We would love to deal with all of your problems, but there are lessons to be learnt that mean there is a proper time for us to show up.” (12)

As sad as they may have been, the disasters that have occurred have drawn the planet’s population closer together.

“With each disaster a loving glow arises from Earth, showing how much love and compassion is being felt for those who are the victims of them. It is bringing people together who see the need to take back their power, so as to create a new world that is based upon caring and love for each other. It is truly remarkable how far you have come in such a very short time. It was expected to be so, but until the time arrived there was no certainty as to exactly what you would achieve.” (13)

The Individual Level

In the work of preparing ourselves as individuals for Ascension, SaLuSa predicts that 2011 will be a busy year: “A lot can happen in a short time, and as you progress through this year events are going to become quite hectic.” (14)

Just as the planet is cleansing itself of negative stresses, so we as individuals are also being asked to cleanse ourselves of negative vibrations.

“Man is naturally a benign Being, and it is only the lower vibrations that have introduced the negative traits that have pulled many souls down. There is no longer any reason to continue living at that level, as you can rise up with the new energies coming in. You are not victims but willing participants, and there is every opportunity to lift yourselves up. “ (15)

SaLuSa assures us that we “have always been promised that you would be guided back to your real home, and there was never any way that the dark Ones would totally imprison you.” He advises us to complete our remaining relationship issues.

“These are times for sorting out any remaining problems in personal relationships. Try not to leave loose ends until the end of this cycle, as it is far better to have settled any issues even if it means eating humble pie. Forgive and forget, otherwise you will carry the energy with you until you do find a way of settlement.” (16)

The result of this process of releasing old issues is to restore us to sovereignty, SaLuSa says.

“Entering the last stretch before you ascend is going to be a wonderful time of understanding, and a great expansion in your levels of consciousness. Every opportunity is there regardless of who you are, and truth and knowledge will abound in such a way that you will not need to question the source.
“We will at some stage also be with you to help explain your true history. You will soon realise how you have been held back, and take back your sovereignty. You are great Beings who will once again recognise your true potential.” (17)
In order to help others complete their work and prepare for Ascension, he recommends that at a personal level we as Lightworkers relinquish our negative habit of judging others.

“Think about what you say and the way that you act, and move on from judgement and criticism of another person. Most people are trying their best in difficult circumstances, and because the end times present an opportunity to clear karma, have undertaken much more than they might normally do.” (18)

He asks us to model expanded consciousness and reclaim personal sovereignty.

“For too long you have been ground into the dust, and used in so many ways that have been demeaning for souls such as you. However, your Light is returning quite quickly and you can show others how great their potential is by your words and actions. Be your true self and treat others as your loved brothers and sisters, because you are All One.
“Such action will draw the best out of other souls who will want to be as calm and happy as you are. Your strength will encourage others to follow your example, as they will see how you walk tall and deflect any lower energies around you. It is everyone’s time to decide exactly how they want to enter the new cycle, and there has never been such a wonderful time for it. Some will prefer to remain where they are, whilst others will jump at the opportunity to leave the cycle of rebirth in the lower dimension.” (19)

He recommends that we spend some time now meditating.

“Meditation is most suitable and recommended; even if you can only find limited time in which to do it. At least find quiet moments when you can unwind, from what is a stressful time on Earth just at present. Being fearful will not help, and your health will benefit if you can find a little time for yourself each day. Also remember when you are in a relaxed state to send out your love to wherever you see it is needed. Perhaps you are already in a group presentation, and that will be even better and more powerful.” (20)

He reminds us that our financial worries will soon be handled.

“Money worries occupy many people, but even these will disappear in time as debts are forgiven, and wealth is distributed more fairly. Can you imagine the relief when people can start again with not just a clean sheet, but with the advantage of being funded once more. It will be but one step towards a brand new society, that focuses on sharing and works for the benefit of each other.

“Dealings will be carried out above board, and the authorities will show their honesty in whatever they do. People will be consulted much more than now, and have more say in matters that concern them. In one way or another the old paradigm will die away, as it has ceased to fairly reflect the needs of the people for eons of time.” (21)

He offers us a way to view the chaos around us that minimizes our discomfort and fear.

“If you can look upon what is happening as a means to an end that is for your benefit, you will quickly overcome any problems that affect you in a personal way. You obviously all have a life plan that is meant to fit in with them, and if you sit quietly and ponder what they are you will almost certainly gain an understanding.
“After hundreds of lives in so many countries and cultures you can be sure that you are so much wiser than when this cycle first commenced. Now it comes down to clearing whatever karma is still uncleared, and at a time when you are at your strongest to deal with it. Take it as it comes and do not fight it, but approach it with love in your heart for yourself. You are a great soul that has yet to understand your full potential, but very soon you will know without a doubt.” (22)

(Continued at Part 2)

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