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They carry their torch wherever they go and illuminate the way forward.

SaLuSa 18-February-2011

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Friday, 29 January 2010

29-January-2010 SaLuSa

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, a most beautiful and bright star that shines out from the heavens for all to see.

Dear Ones, we approach the times that are bringing a conclusion to much that has kept you from your true path. Soon you will have freedom, thus allowing you to pursue your every desire that will express your divinity. There are many who seek opportunities to serve others, but cannot find an outlet for their passion. You all have a plan to see you through the end times, and not every one is going to play a major role. However, all will contribute to the whole, and are equally important. Never under estimate your value, and know that you are here at this momentous time because you had something to offer. You are privileged to experience the final run in to Ascension, but it matters not whether you will actually do so. As you cannot come through such an experience without gaining spiritually, and that will assist you in your future lives.

You will hear and read of rumors that concern both the dark and Light, and if you are discerning you will gain an idea of what is really happening. There is truth and disinformation battling for your attention, but again if you are intuitive you will get a ”feel” of what to accept or discard. These are the most testing times and your patience is essential, as we know the human time span can be rather short. Your anticipation of disclosure brings excitement, but there is still an element of fear and apprehension. We know that some of the fear is not of us coming openly to Earth, but because of the changes it will inevitably bring to your lives. Bear in mind that all actions we are going to take are for your upliftment and happiness, and we will be working with your leaders and not taking them over. There of course has to be changes in that direction, as some governments are not truly representing the people as they should. In the future those desiring to serve you will take an oath that they will honor, and will be chosen for that reason.

So you will understand that the plans for your return to sovereignty, include the appointment of individuals who reflect the changes that the new paradigm will bring. Love, honesty and truth will rule where once you were mistreated, lied to and considered as dispensable. A wonderful time will emerge from the ashes of duality, that will advance you to where you should have been by now. Poverty and lack have been deliberately caused, but will be replaced by abundance and prosperity. You will gradually become acquainted with futuristic technologies, in readiness for your next experiences in the higher dimensions. You are to reach our levels, and the final achievement will be when you are in a fully conscious state and are truly Cosmic Beings.

We see how you toil and often find it difficult to scrape a living, but all that will change. What you once spent a lifetime working for will be your automatic entitlement, and you will choose what to do with your time. There will be ample opportunity for leisurely pursuits, and your skills or knowledge will be used for everyone’s benefit. You can hardly fail to appreciate how much nearer all of it is taking you to us and our way of life. We are here to share it with you, and know what enlightened souls you are becoming. The awakening is spreading, along with the desire to bring about a new sense of direction that leads to Love and Light. You are becoming what you always were, Beings that are gods in your own rights, and that means with great power of creation.

In adversity you have found strength, and a great will power that will carry you far in your next life. Now you are clearing out the debris that has collected over millennia of time. These are your final acts to clear the way forward to a golden future. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain, by pushing onwards to the path of Ascension. It will literally be like being released from life imprisonment which is effectively what it has been. Having so much freedom will open a whole new window for your enjoyment. So cherish what happiness you now find, and know that you are to experience total happiness in a future time.

We know from the response of visitors from Earth who visit our ships, how wondrous and exciting they find it. How we would like to introduce more of you to them, but that will have to wait for a suitable time. Perhaps a Mother ship a mile wide would seem like a city in space, but how would you feel in one a hundred miles wide? This will give you a clue as to how we can spend many years at the time on board such craft, as it is home to home because of its facilities. Everything can be easily replicated and you would want for absolutely nothing. If you did not know otherwise, you would think you were on another planet because of how cleverly the surroundings are created.

The Galactic Federation is a massive organization, yet for all that it is highly organized thanks to our computer systems that are capable of self - empowerment. They have a level of consciousness that enables them to think at a very high level of understanding. Their intelligence is greater than Man’s is at present, and they are programmed with more information than you could accommodate. Knowing all this you will begin to understand how easily we can monitor whatever is happening on Earth. It does not matter whether Man is concealed in deep underground bunkers, we can still “hear and see” what is going on. That should re-assure you that you are safe from any plans made against you, as you have us on your side. We are really in control of your planet, but have to make allowance for your freewill decisions and karma.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, a most beautiful and bright star that shines out from the heavens for all to see. Light equates with degrees of love, and where it is powerful you will also find a great love vibration. Envisage Light in others as well as yourself, and as you pass each other exchange your energies with a beautiful smile or kind word. Look at the response from small children, and you will know that they see your Light quite clearly. Share your love energies with those who are in need of healing, and know that you cannot do harm and go against someone’s freewill as they will not accept them. Healing has to be a two-way thing but even so it does come back to karma. Sometimes it has to be rejected through a soul agreement but nevertheless, the loving intent is appreciated.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Original and translations of all channelled messages from Matthew, SaLuSa, Federation of Light and Galactic Federation/Sheldan Nidle.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


One day there shall be a celebration and a coming together, and how joyous it shall be.

It is a paradox that for a while matters may get worse, yet at the same time they are also getting better. The efforts of the dark forces always seem to gain far more recognition and publicity than anything else. That is partly because a large section of the public are engrossed in the negativity that the media regularly feed them. Indeed you have grown up on it, and eventually it has little effect on your emotions. After a time you develop an immunity to being shocked or overawed, even by the atrocities committed almost on a daily basis. When you can take a step back and begin to understand why things are happening, you can look for the positive aftermath. For example the Haiti earthquake has evoked a most caring and loving response for all of the victims, and has awakened in many hearts a great desire to help. If does not just stop at that as the higher vibration of love, lifts others to the same heights. Out of the chaos a stronger movement for peace has been birthed, and the dark Ones have underestimated your response. The fact that you continually face such challenges is an evolutionary process that allows you to overcome even greater ones.

Your strength is your sword of Love and Light, that cuts away the dross and links you may have created over many lifetimes that no longer serve your purpose. Soon you will stand as a beacon of Light that cannot any longer be assailed by the lower vibrations. Emotions are channeled into all that is positive, and you can walk unaffected by whatever goes on around you. Then you know that you have achieved a higher consciousness. Ascension will come and you will sail through the process that will achieve your final upliftment. It is a state of mind with the strong intent to reach your goal, regardless of what crosses your path. We know you can do it, but alas not everyone is ready to make that commitment. However, as we frequently remind you, freewill operates so that you decide your future. Yet in time you will inevitably move onto the path of Light. So Dear Ones please do not worry about those souls who are perhaps close to you, who do not share your vision of the future.

Now you are so near to seeing the end times really get under way, and at first it may give the appearance of collapsing structures in society that you are used to living with. Behind them the new ones are ready to burst upon the scene, and much is in readiness for that time. Our allies and us are closely working together, to seize the first opportunity to change the course of Mankind. Disclosure still remains as an important development that must precede the Abundance programs. On a week-to-week basis so much could happen, and it is why we are unable to be more precise about the coming months. One thing is sure, that the outcome will see the end of the rule of the dark Ones. Their capitulation would be welcomed, but they are not of the nature to admit defeat. In the end we may therefore have to force the issue, as our mission must soon start in earnest. Force is not a word we like, but it does not mean the use of physical force but rather like your chess game, it will be checkmate.

We do not use crystal balls to know what the future holds, as we have highly sophisticated computers that can indicate all of the possible outcomes. Several time lines can lead you into new situations, but finally all of you will be fulfilled as you anticipate or desire. It is in a manner of speaking, moving into another cycle that you “deserve” and have knowingly or otherwise prepared yourselves for. Like attracts like and this is why the work you do now to increase your vibration, will take you further on the path to Ascension. The “work” would be described as becoming centered within your Light, and focusing upon whatever you believe or understand by Ascension. Apply your highest understanding to all that you do, and know that you are actually on the path to full consciousness. Be as godly as possible and see others as part of yourself, because you are all One. Make allowances for what may be seen as the failings of others, and remember that you do not have knowledge of their life plan. After all, life is a continuous round of experiences that you have all set in place to further your spiritual evolution.

Once in the higher realms you will really come alive and be able to do whatever your heart desires. Then you shall fully acknowledge the love of the Creator, for having given you the power to create all that gives you happiness and joy. Words cannot express the wonders of the higher realms, not least of all the great love that enfolds everything so that it expresses to its highest perfection. There is no darkness in them, and you live in safety and comfort with none of the physical chores that are part of your life to now. It will be deliriously happy and ecstatic, and you share it with like souls who also dwell in the Light realms.

Happiness is what each of you seeks, but find hard to hold on to in duality. When you begin to feel love for every other soul, and it is reciprocated then you take a step nearer to Oneness that awaits you. On Earth heaven is what you make it, but you rarely touch the pure vibrations that exist above the 3rd. dimension. You could not really have expected otherwise, as the vibrations are too low to manifest that which is found in the higher dimensions.

Dear Ones the Galactic Federation is fully prepared for First Contact, and soon the hard proof that we exist will be set before you. The believers do not need it but we come to help those who are not, so that they overcome whatever blocks their acceptance of us. You will find that anyone who has stood in our presence will tell you of our energies that are of love and make you feel bound in them. We come to make you our friends, and invite you to join us in the marvelous adventure that is about to begin.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel so pleased that with each message we draw a little closer to you. Our allies, who are serving you as our messengers, are doing a magnificent job and can be proud of their contribution. One day there shall be a celebration and a coming together, and how joyous it shall be. Meantime lift your thoughts to all that is positive, and never waver. I bless you all with my love and wishes for your success, in your search for fulfillment.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

The Galactic Federation Messages by Mike Quinsey - All translations available

The Galactic Federation Messages by Sheldan Nidle All translations available – All original + translated messages of galactic channellings

Monday, 25 January 2010


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see you as Angelic Warriors who stand in the Light and are destined to serve the Creator.

Dear Ones, matters are coming to a head and for a time it will remain chaotic and uncertain. What you cannot see is the gradual fall of the dark Ones, and the moves to take advantage of their decline. They have lost their control over many issues, and are being forced to take rash action that will be their downfall. Our allies and we are keeping the pressure on them, and expect a major event to finally reveal the truth about their covert plans. They still believe they can dominate others as before, but are finding resistance. They lash out with no concern for others, and promote fear to justify stricter controls. However, this will be short lived as a series of moves by our allies will result in them being relieved of their power. Our plans are far advanced and will bring the changes promised, and nothing will stand in their way.

The dark Ones deal in death and destruction, and it will lead down a blind alley because they are destined to be defeated. We will help restore the Earth in quick time, and it will be revealed in its perfection in readiness for Ascension. What you are going through is a karmic cleansing, to clear all of the negative energies that have built up over thousands of years. In some cases they lay deep within the Earth, and you have pockets where it is particularly powerful such as the Middle East. In your history you will find that such areas are continually the seats of much evil, and wars are endemic. Peace cannot be fully achieved until the negative energies are transmuted, and the people themselves are prepared to live in harmony with each other. The seeming impossible will come into being in your time, as it will across the world. It will require a great change where your perception of each other is concerned. Once you realize the you come from the same source and that you are each other’s brothers and sisters, you will more easily accept the Oneness of all that is.

An increasing number of you are awakening to the truth and finding the Light within. Your energies are drawn together and you have become a power to be reckoned with. With a focus upon all that is of the Light, you are establishing an energy form that is transmuting energies that are of the lower vibrations. Have you noticed how much energy is generated, when you come together in groups for the purpose of carrying out Light work? Your power is multiplied many times when you are doing it, and when you join worldwide links it is even stronger. If sufficient of you set out to change the world, you could bring peace in an instant. Believe us, that you have this potential power and before the cycle ends you will be using it for the good of all. For centuries you have been held back and your power has been denied you. You have been led to believe that you are powerless without the help of others. You are the co-creators of the Earth, and you will grow in stature and power as the vibration is lifted up on it. You are re-claiming your power as your Divine right, and will re-establish yourselves as Sovereign Beings.

The ups and downs of life are far from finished, but when you know they will not last for much longer we urge you to stay centered and keep your eyes firmly on your goal. We cannot emphasize enough that you have already won the battle of duality and your civilization will not be destroyed, as were the last ones of Lemuria, and Atlantis. Do not let your imagination run away with you at the sight of death and destruction caused by the dark forces, their time is up and they lash out in a futile attempt to hide their own doubts and fears. Stand up to their attempts to curb your freedom and impose stricter controls. They intentionally create most of the incidents that occur, and their methods and the secret weaponry used will eventually be revealed. They use advanced technology to create them, and are responsible for the state the world is in. Their influence is everywhere but they are finding it difficult to maintain, as even in their own ranks there is dissension. This means that those who defect are prepared to help those working for the Light, and hasten the end of their illegitimate rule of power.

Your Earth is a hive of activity just now as many issues are being decided. Some are so complex and huge in terms of their importance to the future. That is where our help is essential, and we will assist you to the full extent we are allowed. The future of the whole world is at stake, and all our efforts will be directed to obtaining the best result for all of you. The scene has to be set before we arrive which will make our mission so much easier. As you might know, we have been contacting many people over the recent years, and not necessarily always those in authority. Getting you used to our craft and seeing us as Beings much like your self, has been a very important prelude to our full landing. Since millions have now seen our craft we consider that we have been very successful in that respect. Yet even now some are in denial of us, and have set beliefs that prevent them from acknowledging our presence on or around Earth.

Those who carry a flag for us are often the targets of ridicule, but you know the truth and nothing will alter your convictions. This is sometimes because you are in fact from one of the civilizations that are members of the Galactic Federation. Your strong attraction to us therefore becomes explainable, and as time moves on you learn more about us and it will all seem so familiar. This should not surprise you, as each one of you have come to Earth from another home in the Galaxy. Of course the Earth will continue to play a great part in your lives, regardless as to whether or not you progress to Ascension with the new Earth. You will always have a special relationship with Mother Earth, because She has nurtured and nursed you through a very difficult time in duality. It is a sacrifice that perhaps not many give thought to, and is why you are expected to lovingly help restore the Earth to its original pristine beauty.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see you as Angelic Warriors who stand in the Light and are destined to serve the Creator. You are far from full consciousness, yet in a comparatively short time you will again reach such levels. With your finite minds you cannot truly understand what that means, but try imagining that you know everything that is, was and will be. Perhaps it sounds as too much for you to deal with, but when it occurs it will be a most natural development for you. You will be returning to a familiar state that you once held before you moved into the cycle of duality.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

The Galactic Federation Messages by Mike Quinsey - All languages stated above -ENGLISH


Friday, 22 January 2010

22-January-2010 SALUSA

You are seeing a firm response by the US President Obama to the banking proposals to continue paying grossly inflated bonuses. This will have
repercussions across the world, as other countries will be bound to
follow suit when presented with the same problem.

Each time the dark Ones create chaos believing that they are pulling you down; there is also positive re-action from those of the Light. Because of your heightened state of awareness, your determination to overcome any situation that poses a threat grows stronger. It means that the actions carried out by the dark Ones are counterproductive. This is particularly apparent where our allies are concerned, who are making good progress in spite of the outer signs. Their work has been going on for a long time and has not been easy, as their plan had to be kept as secret as possible to avoid interference. Our advantage is that we have always had knowledge of the plans of the dark Ones. It does not mean that we can necessarily interfere with their freewill, but we can take preventative actions to ensure our plan goes ahead. There is no winner in this battle until the final victory, and the Light is assured of crossing the winning line first.

The way forward is as ever in your hands, but all paths will eventually lead to Ascension. Once the truth of the real purpose of your life is revealed, we expect more souls to change tracks. Many are understandably confused by what is going on, and seek leadership from the Masters of Wisdom who will be coming to Earth. Indeed some are already with you waiting for their opportunity to reveal who they are and serve the people. You may have already identified with a number of advanced souls, and their role has been to prepare the way. For those who take the time to search for illumination it can be found, and there has never been a better time than now. The spiritual plan has long set out to provide you with so many chances to find out the truth. Seekers have so much choice now to take a path that leads them to Light and Love. True teachers demand nothing from you, and encourage you to seek within where all knowledge is held. It is a matter of stirring your subconscious memories, so that you awaken now and can understand what is happening around you.

We do not mind how many times we say it, but fear is your worst enemy, as it lowers your vibrations. You hear of Earth changes and that a great cleansing is to take place, and you worry about your safety. Dear Ones, regardless as to what extent they take place, you will not be left to flounder or cope with it by yourself. You can be forewarned of danger and moved to safety if necessary. The plan is for a happy ending to this cycle, and take no notice of those who are misinformed, as there will be no question of punishment of any kind. God is All Love, and sees you all as beautiful souls on the ladder of evolution. Whatever you experience, the Laws of the Universe apply and these are not draconian like many of Man’s, but both fair and just to aid your spiritual advancement. The idea of a vengeful God or one of wrath is totally false compared to the unlimited love you receive from the Father/Mother God.

Soon, and we hear you say “at last” the Lightworkers will fully emerge, and implement their plan for your release from the tentacles of the dark Ones. It will be with our help and protection, and life will change quite quickly to one full of joy and happiness. You will see that our intentions are to lead you as soon as possible out of the restrictions imposed upon you, and introduce into your lives all that will quickly improve the quality of it. The Abundance program will clearly be a major step forward, but first Disclosure must come about and thus allow our open presence on Earth. With that all actions withheld and waiting our interaction with you can begin. You will not have to wait an interminable time to witness these developments, and any further delays will only mean a revision of our plans to ensure a speedier conclusion.

You are seeing a firm response by the US President Obama to the banking proposals to continue paying grossly inflated bonuses. This will have repercussions across the world, as other countries will be bound to follow suit when presented with the same problem. It is one of the first steps Obama has been able to make that show his resolve to change the financial set up, and the manner in which banks trade. If they try to override his edict, they face the prospect of even more restrictions. These are the type of changes that will eventually speed along the Abundance program, as the old system is totally unacceptable for such changes to work safely and satisfactorily. It will introduce a fair system that is for everyone’s benefit, and when completed will have lifted everyone up. There cannot be the “haves” and “have nots” in a society that promotes the aim of equality, and desires to share with all the benefits of your labors. True souls of the Light would have no argument with such changes, and indeed are the very ones that have been promoting them.

This year is a key one where the changes are concerned, and it is most likely to result in governmental changes in many western countries. We have sounded out a number that are welcoming our presence, and will support us in all that helps introduce the new paradigm. The old and the new are to some extent running side by side, and our allies are ready to take a quantum leap forward when advised. With our worldwide knowledge of what is happening, it will ensure their success once they have moved into action.

The likely problems that may be encountered by us in space will quickly be dealt with, by grounding any weapons or craft that are intended to be used against us. We do not have to encounter them in space, as we do not want to give the impression that we are aggressive and warlike. That would be playing into the hands of the dark Ones, who in any event have considered creating a false encounter to put fear in your hearts. As we vastly outnumber their forces and weaponry, it would in fact be totally futile for them to attempt to attack us.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that the Galactic Federation look after their own, meaning that our allies and those who carry peace and love in their hearts are protected. Having said that we would not mistreat those that have darkened their souls, as we love all life and if they confront us they will be restrained so that they cannot cause any further harm to Mankind. Our ways are gentle yet firm, and through our example we hope that the dark Ones may yet abandon their pointless and obstinate opposition to us. We come as the ambassadors of peace from the Creator, and love is our strength that we willingly give to all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

The Galactic Federation Messages by Mike Quinsey - All languages stated above -ENGLISH


Wednesday, 20 January 2010


All of this advice is with Ascension in mind as you create your path yourself, and harmony and balance are necessary if you are to be successful.

Your continued magnificent response to the Haiti tragedy, emphasizes what we have been telling you regarding your remarkable increase in the levels of your consciousness. Instead of relying on Governments or charitable groups, you have leapt into action and contributed directly to the relief funds. It shows your level of concern and compassion for those souls who are suffering. It is also noted that your generosity has come about from genuine concern, for you see them as much a part of the Human Race as you are. We hardly need mention that there are others who are less understanding or aware. They judge worth from a different set of values, that are often based on color and creed.

As you are moving towards Christ consciousness, it is necessary that you follow your intuition and spiritual urges from within. It really takes no time to do so, and when your decisions come instantaneously you will know that you have traveled a long way towards your upliftment. It only becomes difficult when your ego seeks to justify your actions one way or another. Be true to self and allow others to do likewise, and you will not go far wrong. Man has for too long lived by standards created by others, and should follow his own beliefs. After all, it is you who are responsible for your own thoughts and actions.

As you become more aware of world events, the wider picture begins to grow and tells you the state it is in. Economies are still uncertain as to the future, and the effects of the financial collapse are far from finished. Yet for all of this there is light at the end of the tunnel, because it means that there will have to be an entirely new approach to find the answers. They can of course be summed up by the creation of fair and just policies that put the people first. The power to achieve it lies with you, and you must relentlessly press on with your demands for change.

We can hardly wait to meet you, and reach that point where we can share our knowledge with you. Whilst your history is important, your future is to be fully explained so that you can prepare yourselves for life in the higher dimensions. As you are beginning to realize, it will be vastly different to what it is now and far more satisfying. Many of you have a reasonable idea of what it entails, but you will find it will far exceed your expectations. From a Human to a Galactic Being is quite a big jump in your evolution, and in every way it brings you a superior way of life. The drudgery and lack of free expression to follow your desires will no longer exist, and you will be as free as a bird to live happily and fulfilled. Yes, Dear Ones there is a lot to tell you about, but we try not to overwhelm you with the details too quickly. Sufficient to say that instead of being earthbound you will be Space Beings, free to experience all of its wonders and myriad of life forms.

Not everyone will need to ascend and some of you will be introduced to their Space families, and return home with them. Many volunteers have frequently come to Earth to assist in its preparation for Ascension. Presently there are thousands upon thousands working as our allies, and they do not necessarily know of their origin. If you feel attracted to the Space Beings it is more likely you are linked with them. Often such ones feel out of place on Earth, and sense that it is not their true home. There is sometimes an unfulfilled yearning to find what is lacking in their lives. Know that all will be found in the coming period which should prove exhilarating once it really gets under way.

Fatigue and tiredness are experienced in your dimension, because the lower vibrations are energy sapping and the body tires easily. Towards the end of this cycle you will find that the changes in your body will overcome such tendencies. Eventually you will be re-charging your body quite naturally from the energy around you, and not be so reliant on the intake of foodstuffs. With a body of finer matter you will also be less prone to illness, and gradually become totally free from disease.

Already some of you have achieved a state of near perfect health, and it is diet, exercise and peace of mind that play a big part in doing so. Eat healthily, keep the body fit, and a peaceful outlook at all times. Negative emotions are the body’s destroyers and the bringer of illnesses. Finally positive thoughts are your protection against the lower energies, that may otherwise be attracted by you. All of this advice is with Ascension in mind as you create your path yourself, and harmony and balance are necessary if you are to be successful.

Naturally you are never left entirely to your own way of thinking, and your Guides are with you to prompt actions that are in your best interests. Find a peaceful opportunity to go within when you need to work out solutions to your problems. It is in any event a wonderfully relaxing experience that will reduce your workday stresses. Stress is your big killer, and your lifestyle has much to do with it. It is therefore so important that you take a break from the environment or surroundings that are causing it. We know that some of you forego your holiday entitlement, and that is not conducive to good health.

Dear Ones, you are hardy beings and duality has made you quite resilient, without which you would not have survived. In many different ways you have pushed the human body and psyche to extremes, and Man has excelled at accepting the challenges that a physical life has placed upon him. You have learnt so much in this cycle, that you have become Beings of great willpower and strength. All of this experience will be carried with you into the future, and serve you well where new challenges are concerned.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and marvel at your progress in the face of so many difficulties. It seems that Man is so often at his best when the challenges are at their most severe, such as in Haiti now. Certainly it brings out a sense of Oneness, and a desire to overcome the problems as proof of his tenacity. When you can turn such a disaster into a victory for Humankind you are the winners, and we love you for it. The future may meander along its pathway, but it will reach its final goal of Ascension as planned.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

The Galactic Federation Messages by Mike Quinsey - All languages stated above -ENGLISH


Monday, 18 January 2010


You are beautiful people beginning to realize your true potential, and as you accept your power you are helping to create a new reality.

You are beautiful people beginning to realize your true potential, and as you accept your power you are helping to create a new reality. For too long you have been kept in the dark, but now you are rapidly growing in awareness. You are at last beginning to accept that the future lies in your own hands. All along it has been so, and you created your experiences in lower vibrations. Now you are intentionally directing your thoughts in such a way, that you are creating the conditions for your experience in the higher dimensions. It is sufficient that you concentrate your thoughts on all that is the creation of love.

Suddenly, and all in the space of a few years, you have increased the Light quotient upon Earth so that the outcome is assured. The pathway to Ascension is lit all the way to completion, and no attempts by the dark to prevent it will be successful. Therefore you can move through these last years, without feeling that your future is threatened. The dark Ones may cause minor problems, but they do not have much longer to remain in their positions of power. Their cycle of experience will also end, although like every other soul they will continue their evolution at levels consistent with their vibration.

When the changes are completed you will take nothing with you except your valuable experience. Because of your creative powers that are to increase tenfold, all of your needs will be satisfied. The high vibration of the 4/5th Dimension will enable you to manifest what you want instantly, and it will be a perfect expression of what you have visualized. Happiness and joy will accompany you wherever you go, and the harmony of all life forms will add to your enjoyment. The Oneness will be a sweetness that accompanies the Unconditional Love that all feel.

We want you to break your ties with the old where it no longer serves you, and it will allow you to walk free from its affect. With the Light as your protection the lower energies can no longer harm you, or deflect you from your path. Staying within your light is a discipline that you will come to learn, that will also keep you safe from psychic attacks. Be alert and you will not drop your guard in response to such attacks, and know that these can come from discarnate Beings. Your light attracts quite a lot of interest, and not always by the more evolved souls.

Dear Ones, for so long you have gradually been given more and more information to prepare you for the end times. There is little more to pass on to you, at least not until the conditions on Earth allow for the return of highly evolved beings such as the Masters. Then you shall be lifted up by having the truth revealed to you, so that you go through the end times fully aware and with a heightened consciousness. You are to become Masters in your own rights, and it will return to levels that you passed through to participate in duality. Each of you has such a capability, and will at some time in the future return to it. In your present lower vibrations it is hard to contemplate what it will be like, but we assure you it will seem quite natural to you.

Much is happening around you, even although it doesn’t seem to be contributing to the emergence of positive changes. However, there is always some progress being made by our allies, and it is a case of being slow but sure. Changes are gradually forcing the hand of the dark Ones, who are being kept occupied by them. As the Light continues to gain the upper hand so the opportunity for Disclosure grows ever stronger. It is the turning point that will give the Lightworkers the go ahead, and then you shall see so much come into the open. All activities that will bring peace and abundance to Earth are a priority and will occupy a lot of our time. That however presents no problem, as we are well prepared for whatever challenges that arise. Our resources are unlimited and speed will be our aim in whatever projects we tackle.

Over recent years that you have been prepared for these times, and you have responded extremely well to the call to play your part in bringing this cycle to its conclusion. What once seemed so far away from you is now about to burst upon the scene. Watch and listen carefully, and you will begin to pick out the indications that signal the beginning of end for the dark Ones. They know it to be so yet try to avoid the obvious end to their domination of the people of Earth. You are soon to released from their influences and how refreshing it will be for all of you, to have people in power who by their words and actions will be known to be true and trustworthy.

The Internet is proving to be a wonderful source of information, even if it is used by those supporting the dark agenda. You should be sufficiently well informed by now not to be mislead and able to trust your intuition. Remember that everything of the Light will resonate with you, and if it does not do so set it aside. This has been your means of evolving, and discovering through personal experience what can be trusted. Your spiritual understanding is gained in this most reliable way, as the beliefs of another may not be for you. After all, you are at different stages of evolution and have to seek out your own pathway.

Over a long period of time you have had some wonderful teachers that have come to Earth, so you have not been neglected or left entirely to your own devices. Progress is arranged so that the largest numbers of you can keep up with it, and bring understanding into your lives. What is heart warming is the great numbers of you who have found it possible to “Walk your Talk”, and live your lives as ones who have discovered how to walk in your Light. By doing so you have also helped others who have been touched by it, resulting in the upliftment of the mass consciousness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our efforts over the years have resulted in positive changes to your thinking. They were carried out very patiently to bring a new way of understanding to you because the old paradigm was proving inadequate. You had to start creating one more suitable, and you have been successful in doing so. We say “Well Done” because you are to be congratulated for your achievement.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

The Galactic Federation Messages by Mike Quinsey - All languages stated above -ENGLISH


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Responding to Haiti: From Brokenhearted to Open Hearted

Responding to Haiti: From Brokenhearted to Open Hearted
What If? Foundation

Dear friends and family,

We are deeply shocked and touched by the earthquake devastation this week in Haiti. Hearts that are broken are now opening to take action. Many are considering how to respond compassionately and effectively. Thankfully, there are many government agencies and NGO's responding to the crisis now. Donors want the confidence and assurance that any donations will be used quickly and efficiently, especially in the midst of the overwhelming need and extreme chaos. Many of you may support churches or other NGO organizations having well established, effective missions in Haiti. If so, I thank you for your enduring support of their work to the poorest nation in our hemisphere.

Haitian girl
In addition, I am deeply guided to ask you to consider contributing to The WhatIF? Foundation, a ministry we've supported for many years. This small but highly effective compassionate ministry was created by a dear friend of mine, Margaret Trost, in California. This feeding (and educational) ministry through St. Claire's Church in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti has fed 1,000's of children each week. This is one of the most reliable ways I know to assure a huge percentage of your donation will be on the ground serving people in Haiti ASAP. WhatIf? has very little overhead and administrative costs therefore most of the money goes where it is needed most.

WhatIF? Foundation
WhatIF? Foundation help is already on the way. If you wish to assist Haitians in these hours of their greatest need and for the LONG HAUL, I prayerfully submit this to you as one way to serve. I assure you that it will be deeply appreciated and faithfully administered. I thank you in advance for your gifts/contributions AND prayers for everyone in Haiti (and their families abroad) in their time of unfathomable sorrow and loss.

One more request, years ago, I learned about WhatIF? through an please consider forwarding this widely, if so guided.

With love and gratitude, in Christ, for Haiti


Nancy is a trusted friend of Janis, who is a trusted friend of the founder of our group of translators, Luisa.

Please note: You don't need a pre-existing PayPal account to donate online to the The WhatIF? Foundation.
You can just use your creditcard.




“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.


Your translators, posters, readers and friends

scattered all over the world



Dennis Kucinich: No war with Russia

No to War, Hot or Cold, with Russia
of 15,000 signatures

Any citizien of any country can sign this


Instructions HERE



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Welcome to The Intercept

By , and 917

We are very excited to welcome everyone to The Intercept, a publication of First Look Media (FLM). The Intercept, which the three of us created, is the first of what will be numerous digital magazines published by FLM.

As soon as we resolved to build The Intercept, we set out to recruit many of the journalists whose work we have long respected and admired: those who have a proven track record of breaking boundaries, taking risks, and producing innovative, rigorous journalism.


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Send Snowden home


The world's greatest whistleblower is stuck in the Russian winter, facing solitary confinement, ridicule, and life in prison if US agents grab him. But this week, we could help get him to safety.

Edward Snowden exposed the mind-boggling and illegal level of surveillance the US government is conducting on, well, all of us. His welcome in Russia runs out soon, and he's got nowhere to go. But Brazilian President Dilma is angry at US surveillance and experts say she might brave massive US pressure to consider asylum for Snowden!

This is about much more than one man. If Snowden's act of truth-telling leads to crippling punishment, it sends the wrong signal to abusive governments and whistleblowers everywhere. If 1 million of us take action now, we can send President Dilma the largest citizen-supported asylum bid in history -- sign to safeguard Snowden and defend democracy everywhere.


Mike Quinsey

Hi Friends,

I have received so many Emails and good wishes since I returned to channeling SaLuSa. In fact there were so many that I cannot reply to everyone individually. However I do wish to thank everyone who Emailed me, as it was very uplifting to know that so many of you were uplifted by the return of SaLuSa.

I am looking forward to really get going after Christmas. The New Year looms near and it promises to be the one where the truth comes out to finally rid us of the dark Ones. Peace and happiness is getting closer by the day.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.


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Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

22 January 2014. Battles on streets of Kiev.

I came to Kiev. I came to see for myself what is happening here. Of course, an hour after arriving at Maidan, you begin to understand that everything what you've read in dozens of articles, saw in TV news reports is total crap. In the upcoming reports I will try to, as objectively as possible, to sort out this new wave of Kiev revolution.

Mike's birthday

Dear Mike,

From all over the world, our Translator Group are sending you our

Hope you have a very good party with your Family and friends,

and lots of postcards and emails

So, we sing in 39 languages


With so very much of Love and Gratitude

The Galactic Channelling Translator Group
Mike's email address is

Many thanks in advance.

In Love and Light.

Galactic Channellings Translator Group

Birthday graphics

Richard Dolan



How to REALLY Save U.S. Army Recruiters From Preventable Suicides

Please sign this Petition


Read more about it and sign it here:

Ch + Sirius



Citizen Hearing on Disclosure


At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013

At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013


"If the Congress won't do its job, the people will."

Stephen Bassett

May 9, 2013


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee Seeks UN World Conference on Possible Extraterrestrial Presence

Washington, DC – On May 3, 2013 members of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee and Hearing witnesses representing ten UN member nations met at the National Press Club to draft a statement seeking United Nations review of evidence of a possible extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The result is the following communiqué:

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Washington Communiqué
May 3, 2013

From April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, political leaders, and former members of military services and government agencies representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress. After hearing this testimony these members issue the following statement:

Whereas: given the unfolding scientific understanding of the number of potentially life supporting planets within Earth’s home galaxy, it would be the height of arrogance to assert that humans are the only sentient beings within that galaxy;

Whereas: given that credible witnesses have brought forth overwhelming scientific evidence documenting the current presence of unidentified and unexplained aerial craft that many believe to reflect an extraterrestrial intelligence;

And Whereas: given the enormous global implications if these craft are, indeed, of extraterrestrial origin, such an issue is a matter for the General Assembly of the United Nations;

Therefore, we the undersigned request the Citizen Hearing Foundation use its offices to organize interested parties and raise the funds necessary to pursue a global campaign to convince one or more nations to propose a resolution within the General Assembly calling for United Nations sponsorship of a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.

We the undersigned pledge our support for this effort.

Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick
Senator Mike Gravel
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Congressman Merrill Cook

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley
[Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.]

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett
[Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.]


The Citizen Hearing Foundation is a pending 501(c)3 non-profit, which will launch its website later this month and immediately begin raising funds to pursue nation sponsors for a resolution to the UN General Assembly.

CHD Website:

CHD Contact: Stephen Bassett

(202) 215 8344


Here we are once again ...

Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

Anyone from any nation will be able to sign this petition:

We will win by our persistance!

UFO's contactees