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SaLuSa 18-February-2011

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Dear Ones, the battle for your minds hots up, as the dark forces resort to their familiar practise of trying to put you in a fearful state...

Dear Ones, the battle for your minds hots up, as the dark forces resort to their familiar practise of trying to put you in a fearful state. They knew some time ago they could not win it but with their reluctance to admit defeat, they still try to divert your attention away from the more important matters in life. You have had “Independence Day” and that has been followed by “2012”, and they totally misrepresent the purpose of our spacecraft and the significance of the year 2012. It hardly needs us to inform the more awakened amongst you of our peaceful presence within your solar system. Also, that the main reason we are here is to see you have every opportunity to ascend, and 2012 is the beginning of a major shift into the higher dimensions. Destruction such as envisaged with Armageddon is no longer part of your future, and that period of potential passed with the beginning the 21st. Century. It was the time when the cycle was extended to allow more souls the opportunity to raise their consciousness. Thus today you are already well along the path to Ascension, and more of you are awakening to it.

Please do not take fright at what might have been, as that has been passed by your change of direction onto a higher pathway. Remember that all of the time you are creating your own reality, and you are now benefiting from the dedication of the Lightworkers that have gradually guided Humanity towards the Light. Death and destruction are the tools of the dark ones and used against you, to embroil you in fear about your lives, whereas your future is assured through the divine plan of your Creator. Think peace and love and help lift the vibrations at a time when some are losing their minds with worry, and are more vulnerable to the scaremongering. In the not too distant future the truth will be broadcast, so that everyone has the chance to learn about it in the remaining years up to 2012. They will be exciting and fulfilling bringing happiness and joy at the thought of taking a quantum leap forward, out of the darkness into the wondrous Light that already settles upon Earth.

Naturally there will be some inconvenience with all of the changes that are scheduled to take place. However, it will be with the minimum of disruption to your lives, to set the scene for your projection into the higher dimensions. Then you shall experience the full benefit of your upliftment, and the past cycle of duality will fade away like the bad dream it was. You will have so much to look forward to that you will have little reason to look back. You will be busy taking part in the activities to establish a new Earth, and one fit for the new Galactic Human that is emerging. Your spiritual requirements will be easily accommodated, and many Masters and highly evolved Beings will walk amongst you. You will literally want for absolutely nothing, as all of your needs will be catered for on whatever level they exist. We could say you have not yet lived at anywhere near the heavenly existence that awaits you. Peace, health and abundance are to be yours, with no need to return to the lower dimensions unless it is your choice.

We talk not of some dream land, but one that is in its own way solid yet malleable because you will be co-creators with us. You are beginning to realise the power of thought, and in your new crystalline bodies you will be beyond the ravages of the old vibrations that brought you illness, disabilities and aging. Oh, how much you deserve the upliftment you have worked so hard for, and whatever sacrifice you have to make to reach it will be more than repaid to you. Indeed it is a reward of a kind, but it is in your interests to put your heart and soul into reaching out for Ascension. The difference between what you are experiencing now and what will be in your future bear no comparison. The leap forward in your consciousness is possible, because so many great Beings from the higher realms are intently watching your progress. They are beaming powerful positive rays to Earth that are being grounded by those capable of holding them. Their presence will become more obvious in time as and when they choose to visit the new Earth. There is never a time when you are alone, as you are constantly surrounded by dear dedicated souls. They serve all of you regardless of where you are on the spiritual ladder, and respond to your every call for help, even if you are unaware of their presence.

The grand plan for Man is perfect in its concept and whatever path you take, it will always lead to your goal. There is a continual urging to awaken you to your real self and purpose for being on Earth. As your consciousness expands so will your understanding about the mysteries of life, and your connection with the Source of All That Is. You will forever remain as One, and if you apply that reasoning to your relationships with other souls, you will treat them as you do yourself. Therefore all is planned for the good of All, and no exceptions are made. As you rise up your understanding of these statements will grow, but with your finite mind there are limitations. Expect therefore to have to set some information aside, until your consciousness has sufficiently advanced to comprehend their meaning. You may have all information within, but it is obscured by centuries of misguidance from those who set themselves up as your teachers. Often they have worked with an honest approach, but lacked the spiritual understanding that was needed. Equally you have been confused by deliberate misguidance from those who desired to control you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation can be your home should you wish to serve other civilisations with us. The choice is naturally yours, although you cannot yet commit yourself to any decision made now. You have a life contract of which very few are personally aware, and have seen into the future and planned it accordingly. Some of you will eventually return to your home planet which may even be beyond your solar system, or in some instances in another Universe. Do not worry about leaving your beloved Earth, as your true home will draw you like a magnet. Meantime you have some matters to settle here on Earth, and see out this cycle. All Lightworkers are being called upon to unselfishly give of their Love and Light to Humanity. They are requested to help bring a quick end to the power of the dark Ones, knowing that our undying love goes with you wherever you are. We Are One always and so it shall remain.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. i do not have any reason to question mike quinsey's integrity, & i have often been moved by his channelings, but this recurrent crude validation of Barack Obama is very worrying.
    this man has been responsible for the biggest transfer of wealth from public to private hands with the trillion dollar bailouts, has extended the security state, escalated the pre emptive wars in IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN against innocent human beings, introduced legislation for pre emptive & indefinite detention without trial, failed to close guantanamo, lied over & over again to the american people & the world.
    he is the puppet of wall street financial interests & preparing to force mass vaccinate his people with a toxic vaccination.
    sorry, i can't buy he has a good heart & is the ET's man... if he is, & if he is introducing ET to us, then i would urge people to be very careful & use discernment. he is a proven liar. fact.
    mike, please be sure that the consciousness you are channeling is of the highest intent & the light.
    does anyone else share my concerns?
    i don't wish to disrespect anyone. i just share my feelings.
    thank you.

  2. I would like to ask if possible to Salus about Romania, what can we expect in Romania until 2012 please much! Thanks in advance!

  3. Please be nice if we can translate his messages Salus in Romanian? I would like to put on my blog, and it respandesc in Romanian in Romania! My congratulations messages Galactic Federation, doing a wonderful thing as it spreads worldwide! Please remember me kindly if you can translate in Romanian, Romanians will be a joy to read these messages! Stay in love!

  4. Dear Adrian-Alexandru

    It would be a pleaseure to count on you as one of our translators.

    I say to you on behalf of our team: WELCOME and join us.

    Please contact me through

    In Love and Light

  5. October 22, 1844:
    The “Christians” Great Disappointment.
    October 14, 2008:
    Blossom Goodchild channeled First Contact proclamation is a great disappointment.
    October 14, 2009:
    SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey is the first to give a certain time frame for official First Contact, writing, “Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will go ahead…”
    November 1, 2009:
    Lord Ashtar via Mark Huber and Beth maybe who knows, boldly announces, “One of these days soon there will be mass decloakings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously.” Much more is stated. It is a very hopeful message.

    However one must ask, what has the human historical outcome pattern been, in cases where hope has been via a means outside our selves?

    Maybe the truth is, that there will be no higher order that will come from outer space to save us from ourselves. The ET human relationship may be the creative expression of humans’ ever present dichotomy of hope and fear. Angels and Demons, updated for modern times. Same as it ever was.

    I do want to believe, that channelers are not simply writing their own created suppositions, imaginary and born of their own alter egos. I want to believe this is true, and that channelers are not the conduits of nothing more than compilations of various elements from the aggregate consciousness of Earth humanity. Indeed it is my heartfelt hope that our destiny is more than what we presently are and- that justice prevails in all cases.

    There is a reason why the most long standing human harbingers of faith never state precisely when salvation, At One ment, or simple rescue will occur. Were they to do so, devotion would have been lost for as long as those who heard will remember. Faith diminishes. Belief is gone as fast as the proclaimed moment has come and gone. If messages channeled concerning First Contact/NESARA are not authenticated, then through this form of self inflicted discreditation, former believers are left with nothing else but to believe, that those bringing forth the false messages and dashed hopes, are actually a party to Illuminati disinformation organizations, no matter how unintentional. And once again, the supposed bad guys win. If believers do buy into this whole First Contact before 2010 thing and it never comes to pass, then all emotional stock holders are left with the belief in only themselves as the gods they are. Even when some supposedly channeled excuse or reason is presented… unforeseen developments prevented First Contact, we were not yet ready to accept the arrivals, and what not.

    When the subject is a vastly superior galactic alliance with technological, social, and spiritual development so far in advance of our own so as to be incomprehensible to we feeble and adolescent humans, and communication from members of such a federation get caught in a lie, then there can be no excuse. A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie. And supreme advanced beyond our comprehension liars, cannot be trusted.

    Hopefully this nightmare will never happen and instead First Contact will occur before 2010, in some credible manner. If not, then channelers need to be more discerning and think about the validity of the messages they send, how the result can turn into the opposite of the intended effect.

    Because ultimately, it may turn out that simply, the channelers, by no fault of their own, could not be trusted.

    Obama was clear when asked about UFOs during his campaign. He basically said we have plenty of our own problems to solve, implying that we don't have time to waste on phenomena that doesn't help us fix the messes we've made. As if to imply, that the UFO issue is a distraction. Escapism we cannot presently afford. Which- has nothing to do with the validity of the UFO phenomenon, but rather, the real issues that require our attention now. He n e v e r said it was going to be easy.





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Whereas: given that credible witnesses have brought forth overwhelming scientific evidence documenting the current presence of unidentified and unexplained aerial craft that many believe to reflect an extraterrestrial intelligence;

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